What do you look for in a church?

Chance upon this article on whether we expect too much or too little from a church. Good article, But I was also reminded, what do we look for in a church? Most importantly, if an unbeliever comes into your church, what do you want him/her to be aware of?

2 things came to my mind:

1) You guys worship God.

2) This Jesus is really the center of the worship.

Let me explain.

Many times in my own church service, I come away thinking, have I entered and left with a deeper knowledge/reverence towards God? Sadly, many times I cannot answer this positively. The songs sang are good, but does it spur me to really want to love God more? Does it reminds me of how awe-some God really is? Many times, it’s just good music, good feel and nothing more.

2nd, I have been in many services where Christ is not preached, I do not mean the service was not evangelistic, I mean really that God’s word is not expounded as it should, it just sounds too much like good advices and christianize chicken soup for the soul.

Do I come away knowing my own sinfulness because I understand the great love God has shown to me in Christ? Nope. Do I go away even more thankful to God and Jesus because of what they have done for me on the cross? Nope. Do I raise my voice to want to praise such a great saviour who met all my needs when He needed nothing at all? No…….

Ironically, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper every week, yet Christ is strangely absent every week.


What about you? What do you look for in a church? Let me know!