Book Review – What’s Best Next (28/6)


I’m sure all of us wants to be more productive, but is there a distinctly christian way to being productive? Matt Perman thinks there is, and here the book he wrote on it.

The book can be spilt into 2 halves, the first half concentrates on the why while the second half concentrates on the how.

41f1CVYqkfLPerman first defends the purpose of his book, highlighting the need for christians to have a distinctly christian view on productively, and also why christians have to be productive — because God calls us to be productive.

Next Perman sets the context, explaining from the bible why there is a need for productively, because of sin. Next, Perman focuses between effectiveness and efficiency, convincingly making the case that christians need to be effective rather than efficient.

Perman then process to give some biblical principles of why we must be productive. The most surprising and most salient point was that christians ought to be more productive, so we can serve others. This point is one that Perman goes back to repeated, and helps the reader see how from the bible this point is derived. This is an immensely important point, too many a times productivity is immerse with self — “be more productive so you can live you life you really want”. Perman goes against the grain and reminds the readers that no christians should or must think in this way.

Perman then proceeds to give assurance to the readers that the gospel does give us the hope that we can be productive, and also explored how prayer is intertwined with being productive.

The next half, Perman brings out his tools that will help the readers to bring about the How-to be more productive. Perman gives many practical tips and also many short excerpts on what it’s like in his life. Included inside is also tips on how to organise your emails and your monthly/weekly/daily schedules.

What is good about the book is that Perman helps us not only be more productive, Perman also challenges the reader to not to stick to mediocre goals and shows how it is possible for us to slowly work towards accomplishing them.

What I think may be a minus in this book, would be perhaps the how-to seems to be quite absent of biblical teaching, sure there’s no “Christian way” of planning schedules or organising emails, but perhaps this is one tiny area that I think would make this book even better.

Having said that, this book is really a great book for all christians to read. It is amazing that no one has yet tackled the area of productively from the bible’s perspective, but I’m thankful that Perman that began to start the ball rolling, and to start it so well. Highly recommended for all christians who wishes to be more productive, and also know why they should be more productive.

Rating: 4/5

If you’re interested you can get yours here and here (free international shipping)

Disclaimer: I was given this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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