Meet the Puritans (5) (14/7)

Robert Asty (1642 – 1681)

The life of Robert Asty seems rather sparse. His father was ejected from the church of England on St. Bartholomew’s Day (24th August 1662), and he  too stay out of the church from then on.

He then opened a grammar school in 1663 and taught there for the next 10 years. In 1668, Asty married Lydia Sammes, and had 7 children together. Asty would eventually grief over the lost of 3 of his children before his own death in October 14 1681, at the age of thirty-nine. One interesting fact, his second son, John, was actually classmate with Isaac Watts whilst studying together for the ministry, they eventually went to be associated colleagues in the Independent Church.

Here is one of his work:

A Treatise of Rejoicing in the Lord Jesus in All Cases and Conditionshere, html (This looks like an excellent book, I think I might be getting it myself)


Sir Richard Baker (1568 – 1645)

Sir Richard Baker

Richard Baker was born in 1568 to a wealthy family, his father was a lawyer and his mother was the daughter of Reginald Scott. At the age of 16, Baker then went Oxford to study law, however he left some time later and went to the continent to acquire languages and experience cultures. He finally went back to Oxford and complete his Masters in 1594.

Baker then married Margert Mainwaring, whereby he became a surety for her family’s debt. In 1625, Baker was reported to be a debtor to the crown and was thrown into prison in 1635 where he stayed for the next 10 years until his death.

Richard Baker is well known for his historical writings, such as A Chronicle of the Kings of England.

Here is one of his work:

Meditations and Disquisitions upon Certian Psalmshere, and here (free international shipping), mobi (this is just converted over from the pdf from the format may not be the nicest while in mobi), pdf