Meet the Puritans (6) (21/7)

Sorry for the short post today, we have only 1 puritan today, but lots of resources from him. And do look forward to the next puritan on the list! I’m pretty sure you would have heard of him!

William Bates (1625 – 1699)

William BatesWilliam Bates was a well-esteemed nonconformist preacher, who had surprisingly played a major role int he restoration of King Charles II. Bates graduated from Queen’s college with a Bachelor of Arts in 1625, and a masters of Arts in 1648. He was a very fruitful minister, first he was appointed to be the royal chaplain in 1660, after Charles II was restored, was also appointed commissioner for the approbation of ministers and was (by royal mandate) given a doctorate in divinity from Cambridge University.

The following year, Bates was also involved in the review of public liturgy (representing the Presbyterian) which includes identifying weaknesses in the The Book of Common Prayer.

Finally in 1662, Bates was ejected because of the act of uniformity, he took no offense at it, and in his last sermon to his congregation at St. Dunstan’s Church, made no mention of the coming ejection and only mildly mentioned in his conclusion about his fear of offending God.

Many of Bates’s work are deemed to be practical and heavenly yet never tedious, and ought to be read by many who are interested in the works of puritans.

Here are some of his works:

Complete works of William Bates (4 vols)Here

Here are the online versions.

Vol 1pdf

Vol 2pdf, mobi

Vol 3pdf, mobi

Vol 4pdf, mobi

The Harmony of the Divine Attributes in the Contrivance and Accomplishment of Man’s Redemption Here, and here (free international shipping), pdf, mobi

The Four Last Things, Death, Judgment, Heaven and HellHere, and here (free international shipping), pdf, mobi


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