Meet the Puritans (8) (11/8)

Lewis Bayly (c. 1575 – 1631)

Lewis BaylyLewis Bayly was born most probably to Thomas Bayly, a curate  and Judith Appleton. Lewis was known for his preaching, and was appointed chaplain to Prince Henry, when King James became the King. He was a conformed Calvinist, who respected the authority of the church.

The Practice of Piety is the most famous work by Lewis Bayly, which was published in 1608 written shortly after his wife had passed away. Bayly then went to earn a Bachelor and Doctorate in divinity in 1613. He was then appointed to be chaplain to the King in 1616, and was consecrated as Bishop of Bangor in December that year.

Bayly died in Oct 1631, but his remaining years was filled with accusations and charges which harassed him for around 10 years. Bayly however, was able to successfully defend himself through all the charges, and was never charged for any of the accusations.

Here are some of his works:

The Practice of Piety: here, and here (free international shipping), Kindle, mobi, pdf, html


Paul Baynes (c. 1573 – 1617)

Paul Baynes is the sort of prodigal son we are familiar with. He was born in 1573, and was so ungodly that the father removed him from any family inheritance until he showed some signs of repentance. Soon after his father’s death, Paul Baynes was converted and was soon growing in his godliness. He was known for being well-read, sharp wit and depth of judgement, and heavenly conversations.

Paul earned a Bachelor of Arts (1594) and a Master degree in 1597 from Cambridge. And succeeded William Perkins as lecturer in St Andrews after he served a few years as a fellow at Christ’s College. Baynes was a nonconformist, and was heavily opposed by Samuel Harsnet, the chancellor to Archbishop Brancroft. Being exceptionally gifted, Baynes was targeted by Harsnet to be banished,  however he handled himself so well that all charges against him was dropped!

Baynes lived his remaining years in poverty and in ill-health, and was finally passed away in 1617. Richard Sibbes, his successor at St Andrews, who was converted under his preaching, and was deeply shaped by his teaching, often called him “our Paul”.

Here are some of his works:

Brief Directions unto a Godly Life: here, mobi, pdf, html

A Caveat for Cold Christians: mobi, pdf, html

Commentary on Ephesians: here, and here (free international shipping), mobi, pdf, html

The Diocesans’ Trial: here, and here (free international shipping), mobi, pdf, html

The Christian Letters of Mr. Paul Baynes: here, and here (free international shipping), mobi, pdf, html