Book Review – Go and Make Disciples (21/11)

If you have ever had a try at treasure hunting before, you would have experienced the thrill and joy you had when you managed to find the ‘treasure’. This was my very experience when I first started to read this particular book. At the time of writing, this book had 2 review on the mighty Amazon reviews, and 8 ratings on Goodreads. Quite a small audience for a book that’s published 15 years ago! It turns out I’ve discovered a gem that’s probably too underrated. So do not be mistaken by them, maybe you should give this book a read and then give me your impression of it. Because this turned out to be a really good book to introduce christians to the mission work.Go and Make Disciples

In this book, Roger Greenway first start by setting the context for the readers, first by showing how the world needs the gospel, next, he sets the definition for the word ‘missionary’, and lastly the motivation the church should have for mission.

Next, Greenway shows the readers from the bible the foundations and reality of mission within the word of God. He gives wide sketches of how missions is present both in the Old and New Testament. Following which, Greenway shows how especially in the New Testament the uniqueness of Jesus and how God’s people has always interacted with the other religions present in among them, thus presenting how christians ought to interact with them, and how to bring the uniqueness of Jesus to them.

In the last section, Greenway deals with the practical issues with regards to actual mission work. Greenway allows the readers to take a sneak peek into the lives of a missionary, the issues that one has to deal with when in the field. This is part of the reason why this book is so good, it’s able to present a comprehensive picture without tying the reader down with needless details.

What is great about this book is how insightful it has been, it was already talking about the need to go to in the cities 15 years ago! Comparatively, it was only 2-3 years ago where there was a sudden surge of book on the importance of going into the cities and doing the work of evangelism planting churches in them. Next, it also discusses about the ethics of evangelism, although the answer provided in this chapter was a little brief, it shown how far-sighted the author was.

In summary, if you’re interested to have a great introduction to missions, or wants your church to think in this direction, I would highly recommend this book to you. I’m sure this book will help you in thinking through the practical and theological issues related to world missions, and give you a firm foundation as you advance in other books that handles particular topics in greater detail.

Rating: 4.75 / 5

If you’re interested, you can get it here, and here (free international shipping).