Book Review – The Nazi Hunters (28/11)

It’s not difficult to see man’s innate desire for justice to be serve when an act of evil has been perpetrated. It can be in a call for injustice when the perpetrator is not caught, or when the punishment given is too minute for the crime committed. Similarly, after the Holocaust, the Jews no doubt wanted justice to be served. And this book is about how the Israelis tried to capture one of the person responsible for the genocide at Auschwitz — Adolf Eichmann.The Nazi Hunters

Neal Bascomb has research and entire a book to showcase the whole story to the whole world how they managed to accomplish this mammoth task.

Bascomb first starts by giving the readers an introduction to the main character of this book. He briefly talks about his what Eichmann has done in the Second World War, and also his determination towards the extermination of the Jewish people.

Next, he traces out what happens after the Second World War have ended, how Eichmann evaded capture and escaped to South America. Next Bascomb, leads the reader with the same clues that led the Israelis to the eventual capture of Eichmann.

This book gives great insight and details about the thoughts of the leaders and operators who were involved in the operation. The book is very readable and can easily be finished in one or two reading. I especially like how the author elaborated on what happened during the time Eichmann was kept at the safe house before smuggling him out of Argentina.

Bascomb shows the world an important message that the world should not forget, that we are a people who is capable of great evil, yet we have a deep resolve to see justice met out however we can.

Recommended for anyone who’s interested in this topic or are interested in the inside details of espionage operations. This book will give you an insider look into these two matters.

Rating: 4 / 5

If you’re interested, you can get it here, and here (free international shipping), Kindle.