Book Review – AHA: Awakening, Honest, Action: The God Moment That Changes Everything (2/12)

Have you ever had an ‘eureka’ moment in your life? If you had, you would most certain have experienced something that this book talks about, the AHA moment.

This book is really meant for “born christian” or those who have slipped from their christian lives. Kyle Idleman has written this book to persuade christians to turn back, before it’s too late. The main bible passage used in this book is Luke 15:11-32, the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

The book is spilt into 3 parts, first the awakening, the realisation of your wrong. Next, the honesty to agree, admit and confess your wrongdoing, and lastly, to act on this information that you now have.AHA: Awakening. Honest. Action: The God Moment That Changes Everything

Idleman first talks about the awakening process or moment that one experiences when one realises the consequences of the wrong doing one had done. This section really calls the readers to examine and think through about their own lives, will they not turn back? Have they not seen what their lives had now become? Do they want to continue?

Next, Idleman moves on to tackle some of the common “defence mechanism” that one may utilise to delay or excuse themselves from taking action after they had the AHA moment. The few defence mechanism seems more to be taken from Freud’s idea of defence mechanism, but is supported by bible verses in their respective chapters.

Lastly, Idleman talks about the need to take action, it is not sufficient just to have this AHA moment or agree and admitting what you have done wrong, action is required to repent from this wrong. Idle man strongly urges the readers not to stop in this process, and to take action, immediately!

However, the weakness of this book is how it is lacking on the God at work in man’s heart. The book does show very strongly how one should and must turn back to God. Yet it is silent on how God must first work in our hearts to do that.

Similarly, it does not tells the reader who to do if you are repenting or have repented. Yes, there is a need to repent, but after I’ve done it, what should I do? Maybe the reader should move on to his other book, Not a Fan? But I think that would not be a good follow up. Maybe an additional chapter on basic discipleship would be extremely helpful to such new believers.

This book would therefore be most suitable for nominal christians, or christians who are estranged from their christian roots. Read, realise and act, before it’s too late.

Rating: 4 / 5

If you’re interested, you can get it here and here (free international shipping), Kindle.