Book Review – Tough Topics Biblical Answers to 25 Challenging Questions (13/2)

Every christian grows up with many questions about the faith. Some of them are trivial, others are vital to the faith and needs to be answered urgently. And this book answers both such questions!

Tough TopicsSam Storms had written a substantial book to give answers to 25 of such questions. A word of warning to those who are looking for quick and short answers: look elsewhere! This is not a book for those looking for quick answers.

A quick look at the content page and you see many kinds of questions being answered in this book, some are quite common like “What Is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?” and “Can Christians Lose Their Salvation?” some probably are novelty questions, “Can a Christian Be Demonized?”. Overall I felt that Storms had answered all the questions very well. He always reminds the readers to search God’s word to find answers. He points out the passages that are relevant to the question, goes through scripture and then answers each of them thoroughly. Even in areas where he knows there are contentions (Are Miraculous Gifts for Today?), he sets forth his views but also present alternative views fairly.

Having said that, given the size of this book, I would say this book would be a good resources for lay leaders primarily. If you’re willing to read and to work through the various bible passages before coming out with a comprehensive answer, then this is the book to go.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

If you’re interested, you can get it here, and here (free international shipping), Kindle.

Disclaimer: I was given this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review