Book Review – Prepare (Living Your Faith In An Increasingly Hostile Culture) (4/3)

Is Christianity under attack? Yes and No. Yes it is starting to be attacked, but no, much of the western world has not face the same level of persecution that our fellow brother and sisters in other parts of the world has.

PrepareCrucially, there is a need to be prepared to be ready to suffer. As such, J. Paul Nyquist has written a book that calls christians to be ready to suffer, perhaps in the near future.

Nyguist first sets the picture for the reader. He shows how the society has slowly changed and now, the society is no longer friendly for christians to live out their faith, in fact, it has slowly but surely turn hostile towards those who wishes to live according to what the bible says.

Having listed down the changes that led to what is happening today. Nyguist then shows the readers that the comfortable lives that christians enjoyed in the west is not what should be expected as normal.

In fact, Nyguist then lists 5 characteristics that christians should be familiar about. First, he tells the readers that persecution is the norm, not the exception. Next, persecution is blessed, not a cursed from God. Third, christians has long been exposed in the society rather than the specially protected group. Fourth, what we should response in these situation should be compassion towards our enemies, not outburst of angry. Lastly, there is a reward that awaits for those who suffer, God has not and will not forget His people despite what is happening.

Having reminded his readers the basic truths of christianity, Nyguist then gives the readers hope that we can have when we are suffering. First, he points the readers to God, the source of our help and hope. Next, he shows us what is happening to our fellow christians in Pakistan, how despite their suffering, people are turning to Christ. Lastly, he brings us with a deep longing for a supernatural work of God – Revival. He reminds us that God can, and might work in a supernatural way, causing many hearts to turn towards Him. With that, he leaves some advice on how Christians can handle persecution should it ever comes to us in the near future.

I found that this book has very helpfully reminded today’s christian by highlights points that many of us might have conveniently forgotten. We are to expect persecution, it has come on many of our brothers and sisters, and it may found unto soon too. We should be prepared for that. I also found the advice by Nyguist to be very well-balanced, he does not push to either extreme and tells the readers that at times we might have to suffer for it, yet at times we can defend ourselves form it.

This book is really suitable for any Christian who would want to be reminded what Jesus means when he says that following him means taking up our cross to follow him. I enjoyed reading this book, and recommend that you read it too.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

If you’re interested, you can get it here and here (free international shipping), Kindle

Disclaimer: I was given this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review