Book Review – 40 Questions About Creation and Evolution (22/4)

My church studied the book of Genesis last year. Knowing the controversies involved in the book of Genesis, I armed myself with books that I would read to keep myself updated with the issues raised in Genesis. But if I only have one book to recommend about the issue of creation, I would certainly recommend this book.

40 Questions About Creation and EvolutionEver since Darwin, evolution and creation has been debating about how man and the world has come about. And since then Genesis 1 and 2 has been re-interpreted several times over. Crucially the questions about creation lies in the way we understand Genesis 1 & 2. While I appreciate the amount of scholarship done in this area. I must say the scope of it has been rather staggering. There are at least 6 views to the days of creations, 3 views to the age of the earth, 2 views on Noah’s flood.

For one to be able to be thoroughly acquainted with all the nuances would mean one would have literally read through stacks of books. But now, this pertinent issue can be resolved by reading this book. Within this book, authors Mark F. Rooker  and Kenneth K. Keathley presents all views as fairly as they can, and examine each of them against what the bible has to say. They raised the strengths and weaknesses of each view. Given the complexity of this topic, both authors also urge readers not to make quick judgement or be too dogmatic about their views.

While this book will not be a walk in the park, I have found this book to be very edifying in helping me understanding the different views and issues within Genesis 1 and 2. For another who intends to dive into the issue of creation vs evolution, the age of the earth, the days of creations or just wants to be familiar with the arguments within the book of Genesis, I would recommend them to turn to this book first. This will be an excellent introduction for anyone working on these topics.

Rating: 4.75 / 5

If you are interested, you can get it here and here (free international shipping).

Disclaimer: I was given this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review