Book Review – John Frame’s Selected Shorter Writings, Volume 2 (11/6)

I’ve always like the writing of John Frame and have learnt much from him, so it was with great joy to see a 2nd volume of his shorter writing being published. And after reading it, I felt that this was even better than the first volume. I remember two issues I raised in my previous review on the first volume, one being that some essays were really short, and the second on the how there were only 3 essays on apologetics. I happy to say that this volume addresses both my issues.

John Frame Shorter Writing, Volume 2Readers will easily notice that is volume is even thicker than the first volume. This is due to the number of chapters included in this book. A total of 35 chapters can be found in this book!

I have found 2 sections that were especially helpful and thought-provoking in this volume. First, I enjoyed Frame’s critic on the current seminary system. He points out very relevant things that are happening in the seminaries currently. For example, Frame raises the issue of accreditation. This is an area which many seminaries (and students) see as an important issue, but Frame reminds the readers that the main aim of seminaries is not to be accredited by an external party. Rather the main aim of the seminary has always been, and will remain to be, to train pastors who will be thoroughly equipped for the work ahead. Similarly, Frame highlights in another chapter how seminaries might have almost certainly been training it’s students to be research article writers through their multiple submission of research articles. However, this will not necessarily translate down to train good pastoral pastors. They are simply too ill-equipped for pastoral work.

The other section that I found was extremely enlightening and informative was the apologetics section. 7 chapters have been devoted to this topic, with 4 of them focused on Cornelius Van Til. Within these chapters I have found them to be an excellent introduction to the works and thoughts of Van Til, and will certainly help those who are new to Van Til.

Equally enlightening was the section on church. Frame uses his theological knowledge and offers some pastoral advice on the issues of the church. Most of the chapters within this section are quite short, but will suffice to whet your appetite on these issues.

All in all, I have thorough enjoyed reading through this book and have found it to be even better than the first volume. If you have read the first volume, you surely must get the 2nd volume. For those who are totally new to John Frame, either volumes will be a good introduction. But for seminary students or would be seminary students, I would recommend you start at the 2nd volume.

Rating: 4.75 / 5

If you’re interested, you can get it here and here (free international shipping), Kindle.

Disclaimer: I was given this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review