Book Review – Glory Hunger: God, the Gospel, and Our Quest for Something More (1/7)

We are all glory hungry creatures, we hunger for glory because we are made this way. God has made us to crave for Him, instead we would rather crave for something less than God.

JR Glory Hunger: God, the Gospel, and Our Quest for Something MoreVassar shows us how we should live not for our own glory, but rather to live for God’s glory. First Vassar brings us to the beginning. He shows us how scriptures portrait the original picture to us. That Adam and Eve were made in God’s image to reflect God’s glory in the whole of creation. Yet this picture is quickly smashed, by the introduction of sin. Now instead of reflecting God’s glory, we want to be absorbed in glory. Yet, in our never-ending pursuit of glory, we are never filled, we are never satisfied, we will never feel secured despite how much we try to achieve.

Next, Vassar points us to the salvation God has provided. Only Jesus can put an end to our endless pursuit of self-glory. Our Saviour teaches us that life is not around us, rather he shows us what life should be, life that revolves around the Master of the world. Vassar then tell us to look to the cross to see what it says about us. It tell us that we are not as awesome as we often think we are. In fact, it tells us that we are sinners who constantly sin against our God, yet in His grace, he chooses to save us, by sending his Son to die for us on the cross. The cross is the mirror that deflates our inflated view of ourselves.

We live in the age that glorify the self, as such I would think that this book is good for any christian. It teaches us how Christ has told us to live our lives, to deny ourselves, take up our cross and to follow Him. Let’s live for something bigger than ourselves, let’s live for the One who created us, and for who all things live for.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

If you’re interested, you can get it here and here (free international shipping), Kindle.

Disclaimer: I was given this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review