Book Review – Passing Through (20/7)

What one word would you use to describe the christian life? More and more, I think the word pilgrim is the perfect word to describe the christian life. That is also what Jeremy Walker wants to convey to his readers.

Passing ThroughWhy is pilgrim the word to describe the christian life? Because it tells so clearly that we are on a journey — the journey to our real home. For far too many christians, we find ourselves far too often living for the here and now, rather than living as pilgrims. Yet, we are taught so clearly in the bible that we are not to live for this age alone, rather we are to live this life and waiting to transit for the world to come.

Walker does this excellently in this book, he reminds readers that we must live this life as pilgrims who are just passing through. Walker traces this through for us in the first part, show us how the bible teaches us that we are to live as pilgrims in this world.

Walker does this by introducing the reader to the environment we’re in, and also tells us about the vicious enemy that we’re facing. As christian we shouldn’t be surprise if the world hates us, the bible tells us that this world is at enmity with Christ and His followers. Conversely, we must learn to understand our times and not seek friendship with the World.

Walker then brings the readers to see the need to actually fight the battle. We don’t just read about the enemy, we must face against the enemy. We fight the enemy using the strength and weapon provided by the Lord, and patiently endure any suffering that come with it.

Lastly, Walker reminds the readers our destiny at the end of our pilgrimage where we and the whole of creation will be made perfect, where we will be fully holy and will see God face to face and where we will spend eternality with God in heaven, world without end.

What is great about this book is how Walker always helps the readers see what the scripture says about these topics. He always puts the bible verse out clearly to his readers then moves on to explain and show the application of the text. This book will help to ground christians to see why their journey as a Christian is but a pilgrimage. Similarly, it will help them be able to walk this journey with an informed knowledge.

What I thought could be improved is how Walker could have spent more time talking about how the pilgrims journey together in a community. Our pilgrimage is certainly not done in isolation, but within a community of believers. But I must say as I was reading this book, I am reminded again of my identity as a pilgrimage and not to make this world my permanent home. I’m thankful for this book and hope christians will pick up this book and read it.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

If you’re interested you can get it here and here (free international shipping), Kindle.

Disclaimer: I was given this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review