Book Review – A Well-Ordered Church (11/8)

Running a church isn’t easy. What is a church? What is worship? What does the Lord Supper represent? These are some of the questions this book will answer you.

A Well Ordered ChurchWilliam Boekestein and Daniel R. Hyde writes this book which aims at introducing the reformed church to it’s readers. First, the book starts by informing the reader that the authors are not keen to explain how a church should work from any other perspectives other than what the bible says. This reminds to be the primary text for the whole book. Boekestein and Hyde first tells the readers the identity of the church. They are reminded that the church consists of both the invisible and visible church, there is only one church and that Christ is the head of the church.

Next the authors bring up a touchy topic. They introduces the authority of the church. In this day and age, this may not be an pleasant topic to raise, but the authors make clear, if the bible says it, then we are to pay attention to what it says despite what we might feel about it. They also explains why and how the ministers of the church use their authority. Following which Boekestein and Hyde explains how a reformed church should interact with those who are of the same denominations and those of different denominations.

In the last section, Boekestein and Hyde talks about the activities of the service. These includes things like worship, teaching and evangelism. The authors explain clearly the rationale and basis of all these activities. Given that this is a book on the reformed churches, one should not expect the book to raise any alternate perspectives on such matters.

As one who is reformed, but who does not attend a reformed church. I have found this book to be especially enlightening. I have found that what I have learnt in this book will really help me in the future when I attend a reformed church. As such, I would recommend those who are attending a reform church to read this book. In doing so, you will see the biblical basis of why your church is ran in such a manner. This book is an introductory material and are broken down into short readable chapters that should be suitable for anyone who is high school and above. Boekestein and Hyde has written an excellent book for the reformed churches and some of them might want to see if this is a helpful book as an introduction to those who wants to learn about the reform church.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

If you’re interested, you can get it here and Kindle.

Disclaimer: I was given this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review