Book Review – Health and Wholeness Through the Holy Communion (21/8)

What is the holy communion? Within this book, Joseph Prince says the Lord’s Supper for your health and wholeness. In 3 short chapters Prince, wants to convey the message that the Lord Supper is not memorial, rather it is a means of blessing for christians.

Health and Wholeness Through the Holy CommunionFirst, Prince reflects on his past experience of how he has always been afraid of partaking the holy communion in an unworthy manner and thus sometimes even forgoes it. Prince wants christians to no longer live in such fear, rather he wants them to embrace and grasp the blessings that God has given in the Lord Supper.

First, Prince suggests to the readers that the drink represents Christ’s blood that cleanses us from our sins. But what about he bread? Prince says that the bread is the means by which we receive health or wholeness through it. Prince uses Mark 7:26-28 to make this point and thus brings forward his next teaching on this topic.

Prince tells believers that by partaking the Lord Supper, blessings such as health and healing will come their way. This is why they should not stop partaking the Lord’s Supper. If they do, they are preventing themselves from receiving this blessings. Lastly, Prince punctuates within his books with various testimonies of how people have received miraculous healing through their parking of the Lord’s Supper.

As a whole although I firmly disagree with what Prince is saying. He writes in an engaging and easily understandable manner. What I find most lacking within this book is how Prince proclaims a very shallow understanding of what the Lord’s supper is. Is wholeness and health all there is to it in the Lord’s Supper? I suppose not. As such, I would not recommend anyone to read this book.

Rating : 2 / 5

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