Wittenberg vs. Geneva: A Biblical Bout in Seven Rounds on the Doctrines that Divide (29/3)

Are you a reformed christian? If so maybe you need to take a look at this book. What Brian W. Thomas tries to do in this book is to let the reformed faith goes head to head with the Lutheran teachings. Thomas takes up 6 topics which he then compares against each other. Although Thomas is quick to acknowledge that he is a Lutheran, he does not tries to put up a straw man argument against the reformed faith.

Wittenberg vs. Geneva: A Biblical Bout in Seven Rounds on the Doctrines that DivideThomas first takes up the topic of atonement. He argues that particular atonement is not taught by the bible, rather he believes that the bible teaches universal atonement and universal grace. Thomas then shows how he arrive at his belief by highlighting the verses that teaches his position. He also interacts with reformed theologians such as R. C. Sproul, Louis Berkhof and John Murray. Within each chapter he shows why he disagrees with the theologians and informs readers his understanding of the verses he brings up.

Thomas does this in like manner for the different topics, not being shy to ask questions about the reformed position. In this process, Thomas tries to break down the reform faith and show the deficiencies of the reformed faith. Being a Lutheran, Thomas similar will then make the case for the Lutheran faith. He shows how Lutheranism is able to stand up to the points he raised in the book and how it is more faithful to the bible.

Readers may not need to agree with every point that Thomas raises. But reformed readers will be able to see their understanding challenged in this book. I remain unconvinced by Thomas, but I appreciate him writing this book in the attempt to generate conversations between the Reformed and the Lutherans.

So are you firm in your reformed faith? Do you know how and why you should defend your reformed faith? If so, then maybe it’ll be a good time to give this book a read. You’ll begin to see how your understanding of the reformed faith can be challenged and hopefully that will spur you to be more careful to dig deeply in the word of God to examine if what you believe truly comes and is according to the word of God.

Rating: 3.75 / 5

If you’re interested you can get it here and here (free international shipping), kindle.

Disclaimer: I was given this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review


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