Book Review – Marketplace Christianity: Discovering the Kingdom Purpose of the Marketplace (20/9)

Are you a christians who is currently NOT serving in a full-time ministry, and probably DO NOT feel called to serve in a full-time ministry? Congratulations! You ARE the majority of the christians in church. Far too often, churches do shepherd christian who are serving well in the marketplace. This has to be a failure of the church.

Marketplace Christianity: Discovering the Kingdom Purpose of the MarketplaceThis is a book that seeks to minister to the majority who are serving full-time in the marketplace. As a christian who has started work a year ago, I am thankful that Robert E. Fraser has given much thought to this area. Too often those who excel or enjoy being in the marketplace feel so neglected within their church. But Fraser wants to help them serve God within the market place.

Fraser points out many relevant points that full-time pastors ought to take note.
For example “Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m so passionate for Jesus, I just have to go into business”? Why don’t we hear that? Because, without ever saying so, most Christians believe

that a marketplace vocation and passion for Jesus are mutually exclusive”

Too often, if pastors are not careful this impression sticks with the congregation: “The message is that marketplace activities are devoid of spiritual purpose. Christians can best express their love for Jesus, they are told, by coming to church meetings, volunteering with the youth, teaching Sunday school, ushering, greeting and so on.”

However, Fraser also highlights the danger of being suck into the rut of the marketplace. He calls christians to be careful to seek what is eternal and not what is temporal:
“Imagine that the U.S. government announced that at the end of the month green dollars would be worthless, and new red dollars would be our currency. We would be fools to keep green dollars. In the same way, God gives us the opportunity to trade the worthless for the eternal.”

There can be no doubt that is book is written especially for those who are working in the marketplace. Pastors would also be wise to consult this book, especially those who have not had any experience working in the marketplace. This will help you grow in your empathy for your congregation and also to be careful in the way you minister to them.

Rating: 4.5 /  5

If you are interested, you can get this book here and here (free international shipping).

Disclaimer: I was given this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review