Book Review – Just Business: Christian Ethics for the Marketplace (23/9)

Can business be good? Or even godly? Alexander Hill think so and advocates Christians to have just businesses.

Just Business: Christian Ethics for the MarketplaceHill starts the book by discussing crucial topics of his book. Within it, he talks about holiness, justice and law. Hill akin these to a 3-legged stool, all 3 are important to have a christian ethics for business. If one lack of them, there is a possibility that we will have a skewed ethics for business.

Next, he talks about the law, morality and agency. I especially appreciated how Hill talks about what agency is. He informs readers that we are responsible towards the actions we take in the workspace. And this certainly is deeply related to how we hold ourselves at work and how we related to others.

Next, Hill talks about the various topics one will face at a marketplace. I enjoyed how Hill uses many case studies to illustrate the difficulty and complexity of how christians can live out their christian ethics at work. Although Hill does not give us model answers to follow, his discussions on the topic is always enlightening and seeks to explore all aspect of the subject. For someone still very new in the marketplace, I have found this book useful for my own growth in this area. Business owners will find this book especially helpful as Hill also help employers think through some ethical issues within their companies.

Far too often, books target the employees but not the employers. This book helps readers see things from both perspectives. He helps employers see what kinds of ethical dilemmas their employees deal with in their workplace. But also helps employees understand the responsibility and burden the employers have when making ethical decisions.

If you are a pastor who have not worked in the marketplace. This will be a helpful book for you to understand the situations your congregation faces everyday. You’ll begin to understand the complexity and nuances that each situation have. This will help you see that there may not be clear answers in every situation, but we many a times we are called to wrestle through these situations prayerfully.

Rating: 4.5 /  5

If you are interested, you can get it here and here (free international shipping), kindle.