Schedule of this blog

Hi, If you’re new here. Here’s the schedule of the blog. Hope to add and change things in the future too. So I’ll try to update this page as much as I can.

Right now, I hope to post about 3 to 4 book reviews every week. So check back often!

(Interspersed within the week, I’ll also post some kindle deals that are great and I think you should be aware of, so keep a lookout for them too)

2 thoughts on “Schedule of this blog

    • Hey there, sure. Drop me an email (readreadreview (at) with a synopsis of your book? I do have quite a few books that I’ll be reviewing in the coming weeks and month, so I might not be able to. But hey, if your book is something I like to read, I’ll give a honest review for it!

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Leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts about it too :)

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