Meet the Puritans (3) (23/6)

Vincent Alsop (1630 – 1703)

Vincent AlsopVincent Alsop was an ordinary minister, who ministered at Wilby, Northamptonshire. One noteworthy event of his life was how he continue preaching even when he was ejected in 1662, and was jailed for 6 months because he prayed with a sick person.



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Modest Apparelpdf, mobi


Isaac Ambrose (1604-1664)

Isaac AmbroseIsaac Ambrose was a preacher who had his B. A. in 1624, and a M.A in 1632. He was appointed to be one of the four itinerant preachers for the king, and focus on areas that were steeped in Roman Catholicism. Shortly after serving there, he got married.

He was then selected to be a vicar of Preston in Amounderness by Lady Margaret Hoghton. Whilst he was previously loyal to the king, he became a Puritan and a Presbyterian in 1643. Because of his belief he was arrested twice by was quickly released during to his connection with the Hoghtons and reputation for godliness.

Interesting, Ambrose written a work on angels and in it, he writes about how angels defends and keep us safe and also as servants of God.

Here’s some works by him:

The Christian Warrior: Wrestling with Sin, Satan, the World, and the Flesh – Here and here (free international shipping),  pdf

Looking Unto Jesuspdf, mobi

Prima, Media, et Ultimapdf, mobi

The Well-Ordered Familypdf, mobi

The Works of Isaac Ambrosepdf, mobi

Meet the Puritans (1) (20/5)

Today we start our first “Meet the Puritans” Sorry for being two days late, was writing out the book review for Monday and that’s why this was delayed.


Thomas Adams

Today, we’re looking at two puritans, Thomas Adams and Henry Ainsworth. I certainly haven’t heard of these 2 Puritans but a quick search does bring up many quick details about them.

Thomas Adams, as described is a Calvinist and although there are not much details about him, one thing that is sure is that he is definitely an eloquent preacher and writer.

Here’s some quick link on the works by Thomas Adams and also sermons by him as well.

Henry Ainsworth

Not much is also known about Henry Ainsworth, a search did not reveal more things about him either. But he is well known for his work on the Pentateuch, Psalter and Song of Songs.

Here’s a video on one of the psalter he wrote.

And here is a link to the pdf of the Psalter he wrote.

Lastly, a quote by Thomas Adams, HT Tony Reinke

Whom he chose before they were created, and when they were lost redeemed, he will not forsake being sanctified.

Meet the Puritans Every Week With Me

I’ll be posting on this book, “Meet the Puritans” by Joel R. Beeke And Randall J. Pederson.

beeke_meetWould you be interested to join me? I’ll be blogging on this book every Sunday, commenting on one or two Puritans every week. Hopefully, by the end of this year, we would have covered a huge portion of this massive book, and would have a better understanding of these great Christian men.

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